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More Water… Yeah, That’s It.


Head feels somewhat congested, causing some slight ringing in my ears that comes in a low to high wavy undertone…

Been drinking more purified water, which helps lessen food cravings and has created more eliminations with the laxative tea.

Still have the desire to eat. Not craving any specific foods at the moment… My housemate came home with kentucky fried chicken. My first reaction was, “I want some!” (smelled good), but then all I have to do is remember slaughterhouse chickens, kentucky fried cruelty, unhealthy tainted hormone-injected stressed-out toxic meat… Had I actually eaten some I probably would’ve become very sick.


Food cravings have been really intense this morning, even when drinking the lemonade… then i realized that i haven’t done a salt water flush in over 2 days! Doing one now…

Some useful information from Peter Glickman at

“… if you don’t drink enough lemonade and water, and if you don’t do the salt water flush each morning, you will have mobilized toxins which are not being eliminated. The result is you will feel tired, sick, achy and have cravings.”

“…knowing what the detox symptoms are [cravings, tiredness, boredom, etc. ] and knowing they will be gone with the next morning’s eliminations.”

“[Not] eating or drinking anything else but the lemonade, salt water, herbal laxative tea or mint tea…”

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Some Thoughts

Been watching ALOT of youTube lately, on the many attempts at the Master Cleanser. I’m so glad there are people out there sharing their experiences and showing what they’re going through. The videos are great, it allows me to get a visual and audio representation of how the cleanse works. I noticed those who didn’t make it through the 10 days couldn’t get past the emotional part of the detox… I’m hoping to be able to sleep through most of this so that i don’t have to suffer much, ha! Yeah, not eating is difficult, i’m addicted to food and taste and texture and chewing… and all that coupled with the actual physical withdrawal symptoms just kind of sucks. But, i’m really looking forward to seeing and feeling the results of a clean system. I think 10 days is just the tip of the iceberg though, considering i’ve got about 35 years worth of toxins lingering inside…

35 years worth of food, 13 yrs of nicotine, 7 yrs of coffee… How many days worth of fasting does that add up to, I wonder… surely more than 10 days. More like 120!

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